The Debra Bueno Scholarship established in 2015 in recognition of her long-standing work advocating and supporting the Northern Colorado population served by Northside Aztlan Community Center. Her career at the center spanned 34 years of challenging and rewarding work. Debbie’s path to unwavering public service began early as a child learning from and watching her father Victor Bueno treat all people with respect and dignity. She modeled her life based on her father’s philosophy “to give back to her community”. Indeed Debbie has contributed in many ways to the community where she was born and raised, as well as beyond the city of Fort Collins.

Debbie has used her education, skills and voice to encourage community members to grow and develop their own community. It is serving the “Northside Kid”, which are ALL the children from the neighborhood no matter what race, ethnicity. Getting students involved, making sure they get enough to eat and providing a safe and welcoming environment to play, continues to inspire her to serve the public. Many whom Debbie mentored and coached are now leaders in their own communities earning college degrees to become teachers, principals, lawyers, artists, musicians and many other careers.

Debbie has given back so much and this community has flourished. Years ago when there was not many activities for the youth, if any, programs for the elderly, events to promote health and well-being Debbie forged new paths, created new gifts to the community. She offered a strong foundation that others fight for and hold dear to their hearts.

Her perseverance and commitment to others (in offering something when there was virtually nothing) was like a Phoenix rising from ashes to build a stronger healthier community. In addition, Debbie forged strong community partnerships with Colorado State University, Poudre School District, local businesses and the Breakfast Optimist club as well as many others.

Debra Bueno is the artist who continues to persevere with serving many people when there have been few resources. She is the Leader who models service to others and draws out the beauty in our community in our environment to foster and inspire the Leadership potential and growth in so many individuals.

Scholarships will be awarded  for 6th – 12th grade students demonstrating community involvement, peer/family leadership,

academic success involvement in extracurricular achievements, and enrolled in the Poudre School District schools 

Scholarships will be awarded as part of the Cinco de Mayo of Northern Colorado Festival on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

on the main entertainment stage located in Old Town Square (corner of Walnut and Linden St) Fort Collins, Colorado.



- Scholarship Application Process -

DEADLINE POSTMARK: April 10, 2020. Any applications received after deadline will not be considered.

1) - To Apply Offline 

To apply for a scholarship you can download all forms below, complete them and mail all information to 
the Debra Bueno Scholarship Committee to the address below.

Debra Bueno Scholarship Committee
ATTN: Joseph Fresquez
3440 Adams Drive
Wellington, CO 80549
 2) - To Apply Via Email 

Or you can complete your application quicker by applying via email.  Download the forms below, 
complete them and email all information to


ON THE RIGHT >>>>>>>>>>>>


2020 Debra Bueno Scholarship Application.pdf 2020 Debra Bueno Scholarship Application.pdf
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