The Northern Colorado Cinco de Mayo Festival continues to be a viable part of the cultural programming for our community. We have become a Fort Collins tradition and one of the events our community looks forward to attending. Our mission continues to focus on providing our community with a wide range of diverse cultural programming as well as continue to work together to make our community a better place.


     In Mexico and in many countries of the world, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated every fifth of May as a festive tribute to the spirit of Mexico. In many parts of Mexico a big banquet is held in the afternoon and celebratory dancing follows that evening. By celebrating Cinco de Mayo each year, the Mexican people and the North Americans of Mexican ancestry reaffirm their commitment to freedom and independence. Equally as important, this celebration provides a great opportunity for people from all diverse backgrounds to come together to enjoy the festivities and culture - A celebration of Family,Culture and Community!.


In Larimer County, and more specifically in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta has been celebrated for over 30 years. The Fort Collins planning committee feels this celebration is very important and brings children, parents, grandparents, families, and friends together in a effort to honor and recognize the rich and wonderful tapestry of our diversity in Fort Collins and the surrounding communities.


The celebration of this annual fiesta provides an excellent means of education and sharing of cultural diversity among our communities. The events planned for 2020 are geared for all ages and people of all ethnic backgrounds.

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